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Custom generator installation planning creates confidence because we help businesses stay functioning.

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How to Determine the Right Size Generator:
There is no substitute for having a certified electrician perform an inspection and calculate everything for you. Elite can customize your Cummins package for delivery, installation and service.

Cummins Generators

Elite understands that power outages can be scary in turbulent times. Loss of power to wells, septic systems, heating and air conditioning systems and sump pumps can cause unhealthy conditions and damage to your house and property and potentially risk life of people on support systems.

To operate your essential systems when the unexpected happens, let the experts at Elite install a standby power system for your home. We will help you determine what you want to power during a utility outage and recommend the best solutions for your home, considering your budget, space requirements and available fuel source. We deliver and install your generator and provide service if needed. We are proud to partner with leading industry partners like Cummins for reliable backup generators setting the best standard with a variety of installation packages to meet your needs. Contact Elite directly for more information or a custom evaluation and estimate at (703-339-2800).

If you’re interested in a home standby generator and are curious about what an installation entails, this video from Cummins explains it all. You’ll see how easy Cummins and it’s certified dealers, like Elite as a proud partner and reseller, make getting a Cummins Home Standby Generator installed in your home.

Check out the line of Cummins residential standby power generators by clicking here.

Cummins RS20A 20kw Quiet Connect Generator is another member of the Quiet Connect series of generators offering your home substantial power at a low decibel. This little generator is small, but powerful; it can handle your home’s primary circuits and your neighborhood’s noise restrictions. It is even strong enough to run a 5-ton A/C unit. The RS20A is also efficient with its automatic load management.

Contact Elite for estimates for delivery, installation and service on all Cummins generator products.