Selecting A Generator


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Backup power options for every home

No matter what your electrical needs are, Elite has a system designed to meet them. We offer a complete line of Kohler standby power systems with capacities that begin at 8kW. During our first meeting with you, we will discuss your specific power needs and review the requirements for your emergency power system. We want you to have the perfect solution to your backup power needs.

When selecting a backup power system, you should consider:

What do you want to power?

To determine the necessary capacity for your generator, our experts will help you identify which home systems need power in the event of a power outage. If you just want to power a few appliances, our smaller models can do the job. Our larger models may be ideal for customers with home-based businesses or greater power needs.

What type of fuel source is available?

Our standby power systems can be configured to run on natural gas or liquid propane. The generator must be connected to the natural gas meter or the propane tank. It is a good idea to keep this distance as short as possible for fuel line sizing, and more importantly cost.

What is the best size for the available space?

In addition to the fuel supply, there are other factors that will determine the placement of your generator and the size that will fit on your property. The automatic transfer switch (ATS) must be connected to the existing electrical supply panel in order to constantly monitor the flow of power from your utility. Also, the generator and the ATS must be interconnected with electrical lines for controls, battery charger, and service feeders. The utilities in an average home are in close proximity; however the utilities in some larger homes and businesses are not. Finally, you may have concerns about appearance or neighborhood association laws the affect the placement of your unit.

What is your budget?

Backup generators are an investment that can add value to your home. We offer financing, a variety of packages and frequent specials to help you purchase a system within your budget.